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Safeguarding IPRs in Nigeria: COSON and Nigerian Broadcasters Sign Landmark Agreement Parlons! An Interview with Victor Nzomo

Safeguarding IPRs in Nigeria: COSON and Nigerian Broadcasters Sign Landmark Agreement

Introduction May 21, 2014, marked the commencement of what has been described as a “historic” music copyright royalty agreement between the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) and the broadcasting industry in Nigeria.  The agreement was signed by COSON, the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) and the Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria (IBAN), and was coordinated […]

Parlons! An Interview with Victor Nzomo

Victor Nzomo, Intellectual Property Counsel and fellow blogger (IPKenya), graciously acquiesced to our request to ask him several questions pertaining to intellectual property and technology in Kenya. In this interview, Victor candidly delves into topics such as his career in copyright law, the evolution and future of IP law in Kenya and his very own […]

Cloudy Mondays: Presenting the Madrid Protocol of 1989!

25 November 2013

Since the last word cloud we made was such a hit, here’s another one, this time on the largest (fastest-growing) international trade-mark filing mechanism, the Madrid System. Check out the word cloud over on The CumuloNimblex Project, a site created by IPEye’s co-founder to study and analyze the finer points of legal drafting, the drafters’ […]

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New Zealand Outlaws Software Patents

21 October 2013

In late August, New Zealand passed a landmark bill prohibiting new software patents.  Originally introduced in 2008, Bill 235-2 went through multiple revisions before the Parliament finally passed it in a 117-4 vote.  The bill declares that software is not a “patentable invention”, arguing, “there is no ‘inventive step’ in software development, as ‘new’ software […]

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Parlons! Presenting IPEye’s Global Innovations Series with ActivSpaces Cameroon

09 September 2013

We’ve just launched IPEye’s Global Innovations Series, showcasing youth entrepreneurs and innovators from across the globe. Visit us at http://ipeyeblog.com/parlez/ to watch our interview with Al Banda and Hussein Shariff of tech startup Activspaces Cameroon, or see below: Image Source: Creative Commons, Public Domain

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Open Source Software in the Emerging World

03 September 2013

Across the globe, emerging nations are leveraging open source software (OSS) at a rapid pace.  The benefits of using OSS in the emerging world are twofold.  First, it is much cheaper than proprietary software.  The Malaysian government estimates that it has saved in excess of $11 million in licensing fees over five years by using […]

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Patent Strategies in the Open Source World

08 March 2013

Software engineers in Silicon Valley have long championed open source culture and the movement has gained significant momentum in recent years.  Open source software competes successfully with traditional software and enjoys significant market adoption. Typically protected by licenses that allow free use, modification and sharing, open source software development involves extensive distributed collaboration.  Software developers […]

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America Invents Act : Yea or Nay?

25 February 2013

The America Invents Act (AIA) is the most significant change to the United States patent system in recent times. After numerous failed attempts at reform in the last decade, Congress finally passed the AIA into law in 2011. Now, eighteen months after its passage, the centerpiece provision of the AIA is set to go into […]

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Working in Copyright: What We Learnt in Three Months

19 February 2013

The study of law is a strange thing; for the most part, at least here in Canada, it involves poring over massive amounts of material — case law, legal analyses, thoughts of scholars on jurisprudence, philosophy, and of course, attending hours upon hours of lectures outlining everything you’ve missed on first reading of said tomes […]

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Of Fake Apple Stores, Faker Architecture and Real Lawsuits

11 February 2013

China’s seemingly unstoppable economic boom has been attributed to its vast manufacturing of outsourced goods of almost every kind, from simple household products to more sublime symbols of religion. While impressive, the flip side of the world’s largest manufacturer’s reign with respect to intellectual property rights has been exposed, with the World Trade Organization’s critique […]

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Misaligned Stances on the Effectiveness of Copyright Enforcement in Nigeria

04 February 2013

While the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) reflects on its triumphs of 2012, which reportedly includes the prosecution of 31 copyright cases, the arrest of 85 suspected pirates and confiscation of 3,621,787 million units of pirated goods, a few lawyers based in Lagos have urged the NCC to introduce mechanisms to properly enforce copyright laws in […]

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Wanted: Writers and Contributors to IPEye!

23 January 2013

First of all, a very Happy New Year (if we wish you in the last week of January it still counts, right?) to all of our friends and followers, and thank you so very much for supporting, encouraging, commenting and tweeting us over the last six months. Since its birth in July 2012, IPEye has […]

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From ‘World’s Factory Floor’ to ‘Global Pioneer’: China’s Shaky Move to Promote Innovation

29 August 2012

China’s endeavor to generate millions of new patents in forthcoming years – as evidenced by a move from a “made in China” to a “designed in China” economic model – will inhibit standards of innovation according to a European study. The paradigm shift stems from China’s desire to move away from being perceived as the […]

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Cloudy Mondays: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement’s Word Cloud Avatar

03 December 2013

When Wikileaks well, err, wikileaked the intellectual property rights chapter on November 13, 2013 from that most secretive of mammoths, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, plenty was said about the content of the chapter, as well as the pros and cons of it. Without delving too deeply into it, here’s a cursory look at the […]

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The WIPO Copyright Treaty, Wordled

20 November 2013

Here’s a little non-technical, non-scientific experiment. We took the WIPO Copyright Treaty – a legal treaty that is designed to extend the rights of authors, creators and copyright-holders in the Internet Age –  and put all it’s text (that’s right, all 25 Articles of it) into an infographic creator. And what did we find? The […]

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