5 Innovative Nigerian Startups to Watch

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Nigeria is rapidly becoming a hotbed for incredibly innovative entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to problems facing locals. While chatting with Tunji Eleso, Director of Pre-incubation at CcHUB Nigeria, he discussed a few projects accelerated at CcHUB, that are not only making waves, but changing lives! Here’s a list and brief overview [in the words of Tunji Eleso] of 5 startups in Nigeria to watch.

1) TRUPPR // www.truppr.com

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“Truppr builds a community of people who are interested in fitness and ensuring they can connect with friends, associates and strangers, to engage in fitness activities. Gradually, our society is becoming one where health is a major concern. I’m talking about health conditions occasioned by our pedantic lifestyles where we don’t really exercise or get a lot of work done. People are getting struck down by obesity and cardiac issues that we usually see in the first world. It’s fast becoming a major issue here. Truppr is helping people engage in such activities by simply putting up a game or an activity or event, and getting people to join in these activities. We’ve had two 5k runs that have been well accepted and it has a strong social side because it’s engaging a community of people looking to be more healthy.”

2) GENII GAMES // www.geniigames.com

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“This is the Cultural side of things here. Genii Games is trying to ensure our languages are not lost and that the younger generation still has strong connections with our roots and culture. This is achieved through a series of applications on the language and folk tale side on IOS, android and blackberry devices.”

3) EFIKO // www.efiko.com.ng

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“Efiko provides kids [in high school] with a way of checking how much progress they’re making in school in a fun and engaging way. It’s a series of short quizzes along subjects that students do at the high school level and it’s tied to the national program. It engages students to practice questions after school and know where they’re struggling and need to improve. Right now they have over 16, 000 students on their platform, all engaged at the senior-secondary level.”

4) BUDGIT // www.yourbudgit.com

“BudgIT is a data visualization platform and the goal is to engage citizens in the business governance. They take public financial information and data, assess it and build simple infographics that people can connect with and help to understand the details of this financial information. They’ve been very successful in the last year and a half with engaging the masses and general citizens on what’s going on. They’ve evolved this model to provide the same service to financial organizations looking to release information or data in a way that people can engage with.”

5) WECYCLERS // www.wecyclers.com
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“It was started by a lady who graduated from MIT and what she’s been doing in the last year and a half is giving low-income communities the opportunity to make wealth from waste. Through building locally fabricated tricycles, they go into low-income neighborhoods and communities and collect waste. Waste being aluminum cans, bottles, water sashays and in exchange, they give these families points by SMS, which they can redeem on a quarterly basis for basic household items, for cash, for school utensils, depending on if they have kinds. They’ve engaged over 5,000 households and if we look at the fact that each household has about 5 people in them on the average, they’ve been able to reach 25,000 individuals through this platform and solution. And they’re only in 2 areas in Lagos state at this moment. It’s pretty amazing what they’re doing and the amount of wealth they’ve been able to create.”

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