6 Unusual Heart-shaped Patents for Valentine’s Day


Nothing says “I love you” quite like a Valentine’s Gift. But why stop at just another romantic greeting card and bouquet of roses? Why not consider some of the more individualistic, more quirky gift-items out there that might demonstrate affection while also recognizing your loved-one’s specialness? I searched the USPTO patents database for ‘romantic’ (i.e. heart-shaped) patents that were a little different from your run of the mill presents and here’s what I found:

1) Heart-shaped light-emitting novelty

patent1Patent No.: 4,508,520
Date of Patent: April 2, 1985
Inventors: Sellers; Richard K. ; Sellers; Elisabeth A.
Abstract: A hollow housing with a flat cover located on the rear side, inside of which is mounted an electrical circuit with lamp battery and manual series-circuit switch, a portion of which switch is located outside of the housing, so that the user can manually can turn on and turn off the lamp. When turned on, said lamp shines through the heart-shaped convex-concave cover on the front side of the housing, which is light-transmitting.


2) Method of making a heart-shaped diamond 

patent2Patent no.: 6,434,805
Patent Date: August 20, 2002
Inventor: Haimoff; Ami
Abstract: Two pear-shaped diamonds are cut so that the two cut sections may fit onto heart-shaped setting, with two seating areas for the two cut section separated by a cross bar. The first pear-shaped diamond is cut a long a cutting plane to define a first mating surface and a first table. The second pear-shaped diamond is similarly cut to create a mating surface and table. The first diamond section is then placed in the heart-shaped setting; the second diamond section in the complementary half of the setting. Each section’s mating surface is then engaged to form a heart-shaped diamond. The respective tables are joined, giving the appearance of a single table, giving the impression of a whole heart-shaped jewel.

3) Illuminated heart-shaped guitar with strobe lights and a modified bridge

patent3Patent No.: 7,465,870
Patent Date: December 16, 2008
Inventor: Homan; Randy W.
Abstract: The guitar has a heart-shaped head with the basic features of a guitar (head, neck, body), excepting that the head is equipped with a strobe light with a battery pack that lights the head, fret board and cutaways. The cutaways themselves have strobe lights turned on by buttons on the guitar’s body. The neck has fret markers with LED lights that shine on the fret makers and board. The cumulative effect of the strobe lights and LED’s is that the guitar player can find their notes and play in darker establishments, illumined by the flashes and strobes throughout the guitar.

4) Pneumatic tire with tread having heart-shaped blocks

patent4Patent No.: 8,474,497
Patent Date: July 2, 2013
Inventor: Otsuji; Hideki
Abstract: The pneumatic tire has a large region of patterned tread (repetitive patterns wrapping around the circumference of the tire). Hardening the tread’s rubber and thus lessening the depth of the tires grooves has been an answer; but on wet roads, the grip of said tires is poor. The maximal steering ability with pneumatic tires, particularly on road surfaces that are wet, has been found by modifying the shape of the tire’s repetitive patterns – specifically, in the center portion of this tread, where the center blocks are shaped with a point towards the leading end and concave area at the other end of the block, being then heart-shaped.

5) Method of using a mold to make heart-shaped cake or bread 

patent5Patent No.: 6,200,620
Patent Date: March 13, 2001
Inventor: Brinker; Karl
Abstract: The mold is composed of inclined walls, being 60, 70, 80 or more degrees apart that meet at a point at the bottom of the mold. Said walls form the sides of a ‘V’ shape. These walls can be any length long; at their terminus, a perpendicular wall, another, triangular V-shape, keeps the dough within the confines of the inclined walls, thus forming a kind of trough for the dough to cook in. Bread, cookie, etc. dough is poured into this ‘trough’, and a lid, a hollow lid with two adjacent concave hollows of any needed length is placed over said ‘trough’, so that said dough will rise and be shaped into these rounded hollows to create a heart-shaped dessert, easily sliced into heart-shaped segments, as required.




6) Decorative three-dimensional, heart-shaped bow and method of making same

patent6Patent No.: 5,240,750
Patent Date: August 31, 1993
Inventor: Cheng; Peter S. C.
Abstract: A flexible and narrow ribbon with longitudinal edges carries a slit along one end of the ribbon. The ribbon is given a twist and the one end of the ribbon is slipped into said slit of the other end, creating a loop. The ends of the strip meet into a point, and the curved sides of the loop confer on the ribbon a heart-shape. Using sparse materials, this heart-shaped bow is an expensive decoration suitable for gifts, bouquets, etc.



All Images Courtesy of the USPTO

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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