IPEye was conceptualised and created by two Canadian law students whose interest in IP law is paralleled only by their interest in the emerging world. After spending a few years learning about IP law, we’ve realised that it’s going to be the sign of our times, and what future generations will live and swear by. And the people most affected, the places where it’s at, are in the emerging economies of the world. Individually, they’re immoveable objects; together, they could be an unstoppable force. You know what they say – it’s one or the other.

Our task at IPEye is not to so much to predict or speculate, as it is to provide you with the information to do so. And together we can watch and learn about a world on edge – a planet on the brink of something new and fierce, fueled by the endless energy of intellectual property rights, innovation and intangible cultural heritage, and governed by the laws that define them.

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