10 Extremely Strange Halloween Patents

Decorative Bat

Halloween has finally descended upon us, and to commemorate the occasion, I decided to creep the United States Patents database to discover the most ghastly patents to offer up to you, our faithful readers.  The number of these Halloween and Halloween-esque patents is magnificently endless; so if you’re ever curious, or simply bored, browse the USPTO Patents database and prepare to be shocked.

1) Halloween Mask with Flash Device

Halloween Mask with flashlightPatent No.: 6,035,447
Date of Patent: March 14, 2000
Inventors: Ben S Hsia, Tom Tedone
Abstract: A Halloween mask with flash device, which can increase the attractive effect and the sense of reality of the mask, and can enhance the safety of the wearer by calling the attention of drivers near the wearer; includes a hollow mask body and at least a flash device. The hollow mask body is punctured with a plurality of apertures at predetermined positions. The flash device includes: a base housing having an upper chamber and a lower cavity, a flashing unit being received in the upper chamber, a predetermined number of button cell being received in the lower cavity and electrically connected with the flashing unit, a cell cover head detachably connected to a bottom end of the base housing so as to cover the lower cavity and the button cell therein, and a lens member affixed on top of the base housing so as to cover the upper chamber and the flashing unit.

 2) Costume Mask

Costume Mask 2Costume Mask 1Patent No.: 5,970,522
Date of Patent: October 26, 1999
Inventors: Surasak Apichom
Abstract: A costume mask has a mask body shaped to fit over the face of the user. The mask body has an inflatable sack positioned thereon such that inflating the inflatable sack causes a feature to protrude to an extended position…

3) Noise Making Mask

Noise Making Mask

Patent No.: 4,683,588
Date of Patent:July 28, 1987
Inventors: Mel Goldberg
Abstract: An over-the-head face mask is provided with a self-contained microphone, a voice signal modifying device and a speaker for providing a costumed appearance for the individual wearer of the face mask and, in addition, a camouflaging or novelty effect on the wearer’s voice. A microphone secured to the face mask is located proximal to the mouth of the wearer and is electrically connected to a voice signal modifier which, in turn, is connected to a speaker. The electrical components are powered by self-contained batteries located within a space provided between the hood portion of the face mask and a fabric liner. The voice signal modifier can amplify or muffle the wearer’s voice, shift the frequency of the wearer’s voice, produce a monotone voice effect or any other desired camouflaging effect to the wearer’s voice…

4) Halloween Portable Container

Halloween Portable ContainerPatent No.: 7,594,669
Date of Patent: September 29, 2009
Inventors: Linda Acosta
Abstract: The present invention is an apparatus that is portable, easy to transport, and protects confections during Halloween “trick-or-treat“. The apparatus of the present invention includes a container element including a cover element, wherein the container element and cover element are in the form of a Halloween object, such as a pumpkin, witch, ghost, goblin, monster, vampire or werewolf. The apparatus further includes a projection element, which may further include a gripping element, to assist in maneuvering to push and/or pull the apparatus, via a rotating element…

5)  Halloween Board Game

Halloween Board GamePatent No.: 5,662,328
Date of Patent: September 2, 1997
Inventor: Cyrilla Dianne Pecoy
Abstract: A board game includes a game board which includes a predetermined number of start/stop positions, a predetermined number of trick or treat positions, and a single endless path which includes a start/stop path portion adjacent to the start/stop positions and a trick-or-treat path portion adjacent to the trick or treat positions. The endless path defines an interior board region which includes a first capture region, a second capture region, a first safe region, and a second safe region…

6) Jack-a-Lantern


Patent No.: 396,252
Date of Patent: January 15, 1889
Inventor: George A. Beidler
Abstract: Unfortunately unavailable on USPTO database







7) Segmented object for use as an advertising item, promotional item, toy, or decorative figure

Decorative BatPatent No.: 6,102,768
Date of Patent: August 15, 2000
Inventor: Daniel H Cho
Abstract: An object, which can be used as an advertising item, toy, or decorative figure, is segmented into at least two portions which are mounted in an aligned fashion on opposing sides of a surface so that the object appears to be extending through the surface. The object is provided in the shape of a holiday character (e.g., Halloween bat). The object is attached to the surface using suction cups which are mounted within the hollow interior of the object, so that when mounted the suction cups aren’t seen …

 8) Witch Hand

witch hand

Patent No.: US D465, 743 S
Date of Patent: Nov. 19, 2002
Inventors: Ronald S Mangini, Tom Tedone
Abstract: The ornamental design for a witch hand




9) Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Patent No.: 5,465,427
Date of Patent: November 14, 1995
Inventors: Rodney M Shield
Abstract: A mask body of semi-rigid material having a plurality of holes through the body which permit visibility and breathability. The inner surface of the mask body is of a dark color so as not to impair the vision of the wearer. The outer surface of the mask is preferably painted with a desired image or a solid color.  The mask can be covered with different materials for different visual and textural effects…

 10) Bleeding Costume Helmet

bleeding mask
Patent No.: 6,093,475
Date of Patent: July 25, 2000
Inventors: Ronald S Mangini, Tom Tedone
Abstract: A costume element having an inner layer and at least in part transparent outer layer forming a passage there between, the passage having an upper opening. A fluid visible in at least a part of the passage is injected into the passage through the upper opening. A lower opening to the passage can be coupled to the upper opening by one or more tubes providing fluid communication and a pump.

All Images Courtesy of the USPTO

Happy Halloween!

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