Getting Up Close & Personal with a 3D Printer

Art Installation: Igor Zimmerman

So in case you missed it, this past Saturday, August 23, 2014, I was lucky enough to get a last-minute place at the Toronto Public Library‘s Digital Innovation Hub, where library staff have routinely been introducing the public to the wonders of 3D printing these past few months.  The Reference Library, which is one of the nodes of the City’s library system has two 3D printers in stock, with a third one on its way soon.

While rates are relatively cheap, and the Hub itself is accessible with merely a library card, the caveat is that anyone who wants free reign of the 3D printer machines must complete a free 3D printing certification course run by the Hub’s staff. And of course, spots are few and far between, with demand far exceeding supply.

So naturally, I jumped at the chance to sign-up and sit-in, and tweeted incessantly and shamelessly through out it all for IPEye’s first live tweeting event.

And in case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

For starters:


In case you want a closer look, this is what it looks like:

                                      Image Source: MakerBot website

It was kind of fun, I’ll admit.
By then of course, we were all just dying to actually see the thing in action, to watch with anticipation an object in 3D come to life out of plastic blocks and inky filaments. And we were warned about the amount of time it takes to print something:

In the meantime, we got to play with some previous 3D printing successes:  

And failures:

Finally, our MakerBot was ready to print us a basketball: 

After standing around and errr….tweeting for ten minutes (whoops), this is what we got:

And then after solemnly swearing we were up to no good, there we had it – our 3D printing certifications:

I’m not beaming with pride or anything.

So what do I intend to do with my newly acquired mad 3D printing skillz?

But, of course.

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Note: Cover image (i.e. the flourescent Running Man): Igor Zimmerman
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