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B E R T R I N A  P R I M A R Y  S C H O O L

While visiting Uganda, my dear friend Kristina Hughes, a Ugandan-Canadian Change Agent, made a  promise to the children of Betrina Primary School to make reasonable efforts to ensure that they stay healthy to successfully complete their studies. She made this promise because while visiting, she was disturbed to discover that the students of Bertrina Primary School use pit latrines as a form of human waste disposal.

P I T  L A T R I N E S

Pit latrines, one of the oldest methods of sewage disposal, are commonly used for sewage disposal in Africa.  Due to the prevalence in use of pit latrines in developing countries, concern surrounding its negative impact on health is heightened. Since pit latrines usually lack a physical barrier to keep waste contained in the pit, microbial and chemical contaminants can emanate from them, thus threatening nearby groundwater sources such as springs, wells, and boreholes.

Pit Latrine

Pit latrines can spread diseases/cause deaths in the following ways: contamination of groundwater; mosquitoes breeding in wet pits can spread malaria; pits are susceptible to failure and can collapse if not supported well by the soil; and, pits can overflow during the rainy season.


PROJECT LOO, is a call to action to all of you to invest in infrastructure that can support proper sanitation in a school of over 352 students and support staff.  You too can be a change agent.  An agent who is passionate about education and a healthy standard of living, an agent who has the vision of what could or should be for so many students with incredible potential. Join Kristina and so man other change agents in seeing this vision come to life!

G E T  I N V O L V E D  ,  S P R E A D  T H E  W O R D !

For more information about Project Loo, check out the Indiegogo campaign here: Please share the link, spread the word, and become a change agent!

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Tracy Ayodele is a Canadian lawyer, called to the Bar of Ontario, and a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School. She has a keen interest in IP policy, social innovation and the intersection of technology, development and start-up culture in emerging economies. She is a spirited legal researcher and writer, and co-authored “Hot-tubbing in Canadian Patent Litigation: A Preliminary Assessment” published in the Intellectual Property Journal.

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