The Copyright Society of Nigeria Pens Landmark Licensing Agreement with MultiChoice Nigeria

An effort to facilitate the advancement of the Nigerian entertainment industry concluded with MultiChoice Nigeria, the nation’s primary pay-television multi-platform operator, signing a landmark Music Broadcasting License Agreement with the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), for a license to utilize Nigerian music in its broadcast platforms around the nation.  MultiChoice Nigeria voluntarily undertook the endeavor, agreeing to pay an annual license fee to COSON for musical works broadcasted on DSTV and ancillary platforms.

COSON is the sole collective management organization in Nigeria approved by the Nigerian Copyright Commission. COSON Chairman, Tony Okoroji, was satisfied the deal, stating, “It is a great thing. It has been a long time coming. MultiChoice has clearly shown that it is a responsible corporate organization with genuine concern for the protection of intellectual property in Nigeria. Their partnership with us for the development of the music industry is commendable”.

Managing Director of MultiChoice Nigeria Mr. John Ugbe, who was also present at the agreement signing ceremony, urged other corporate entities to follow suit and connect with relevant agencies to support artists and safeguard intellectual property rights. He went on to deplore intellectual property crimes such as piracy, which hinders the industry.

The partnership represents a great respect and recognition for creators and their craft, and a concerted effort to remedy infringements on intellectual property rights.

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