The WIPO Copyright Treaty, Wordled

WIPO Copyright Treaty

Here’s a little non-technical, non-scientific experiment. We took the WIPO Copyright Treaty – a legal treaty that is designed to extend the rights of authors, creators and copyright-holders in the Internet Age –  and put all it’s text (that’s right, all 25 Articles of it) into an infographic creator.

And what did we find?

The top 3 recurring words, with counts:

1. “Contracting” – 33 times;

2. “works” – 22 times;

3. “Parties” – 20 times

And as for the favourite contenders:

“Copyright” showed up a mere 3 times; and “rights” and “right” came in at 16 and 14 each.

A cursory but interesting peek into the intentions of the drafters, non?


Image Text: WIPO Copyright Treaty; Graphic:


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