Word Cloud: Resolution of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples

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On September 22, 2014, the United Nations General Assembly released a new resolution on the rights of indigenous peoples.

Called the Outcome Document of World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, this short document calls for, among other rights and responsibilities:

  • Recognition of the right (or duty) to consult with indigenous peoples when making decisions on issues of direct relevance to them;
  • A commitment to advance and protect the rights of indigenous peoples;
  • Equal access to education and other basic needs;
  • Recognition of indigenous cultures, language and heritage and the importance of educating indigenous youth on these; and
  • Respect for, recognition and protection of traditional knowledge, medicines and other cultural practices.

In short, the Outcome Document was a reaffirmation of the UN’s ongoing work with respect to the rights of indigenous peoples around the world. It remains to be seen of course, how effective this Resolution will be, though here’s to hoping that progress, no matter its pace, is steady.

In the meantime, have a word cloud.


Text Source: United Nations General Assembly, Outcome Document of World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.
Word Cloud Maker: Wordle.net


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